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Project implementation has started


In 2019 IT Competence Centre project “Competence Centre of Information and communication technologies” (contract No. approved 14 sectoral and 2 cross-sectoral studies, 10 of which are being implemented in scientific direction “Technology for business process analysis” and 6 into scientific direction “Natural language technologies”.

In May 2019 Accounting Latvia, Ltd. in partnership with project implementing party TILDE, Ltd launched the study on “Research of artificial intelligence methods and creation of complex systems for automation of accounting processes and decision modeling in business”.

The aim of the project is to conduct research on applying new artificial intelligence methods on accounting process automation and on business performance analytics and financial forecasting. At least two scientific publications are planned to be published.

The research is carried out by TILDE, Ltd in cooperation with Accounting Latvia, Ltd, Merhels Revidenti Konsultanti, Ltd and SEB Banka, PLC.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of Operational Program “Growth and employment” for 1.2.1. specific objective “To increase private investment in R&D” action “Aid for the development of new products and technologies within the competence centres”.

Discussion about shadow economy in Latvia on Latvia’s Radio 1

In pre-election time, but not in political dimension our discussion about causes of shadow economy in Latvia and about possibilities of its reduction with Laura Dreimane and Aiga Pelane in the morning program of Latvia’s Radio 1 “Good morning”.
Guest: director of Accounting Latvia Ilona Markunaite.
An interview (Latvian language) can be viewed here: interview.

Change of business days in April/May 2017 for Accounting Latvia offices

Information about business day change. Please, bear in mind that on May 5th of 2017 (Friday) Accounting Latvia offices will be closed. This business day is moved to April 22nd (Saturday).

We kindly ask you to plan your business processes that are related with accounting in accordance with mentioned changes.