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Bookkeeping/accounting services

Accounting Latvia is specializing in high-level accounting services in business sectors such as catering, transport services (freight and passenger transport), food and industrial goods manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, real estate management, pharmacy, timber trade, provision of different kind of services, etc.

We are providing full-cycle services for domestic and foreign companies, non-profit, non-governmental, national and local organizations and institutions as well as individuals.

Our customers are embassies, building managers, IT industry companies that provide their services not only in Latvia, but also abroad (USA, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, etc.), drug manufacturers, real estate developers and designers.

Accounting services include the following components:
• development of bookkeeping/accounting methodology and its implementation
• preparation of documents, verification according to legislation, processing and storage of documents
• accounting of assets for financial and tax purposes
• calculation of wages, sick pay, holiday pay
• travel documentation processing and calculation for business trips
• reimbursement preparation
• billing/invoicing service
• computerized stock keeping
• supervision of receivables and payables
• supervision of cash transactions
• preparation of payment orders
• payment processing using online banking
• preparation of all kinds of tax returns, submission to State Revenue Service
• control of fuel usage and writing-off
• report preparation for Statistical Bureau and other State and local authorities
• preparation of profit or loss statement and operational balance sheet
• preparation of annual report
• preparation of reports to management
• accounting for individuals, preparation of tax returns and reports

At your request, to the existing services the additional services can be added. We will be really happy to answer your questions, so do not hesitate to call or write to us at any time convenient for you.

Legal services

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