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Bookkeeping office in Rezekne is ceremonially opened

ATKLASHANA_LENTAAfter long-term location in premises on Liberty Street, on February 6th 2015 Accounting Latvia opened its new office in Rezekne on 25 Darzu Street (third floor). The event gathered all employees of Rezekne’s department as well as some of the clients. Director and CEO of company Accounting Latvia Ilona Markunaite took her presence to cut the red tape and announce official opening of new bookkeeping and accounting office in Rezekne.

Starting with February company “Accounting Latvia” has expanded Rezekne’s office staff positions and got new spacious, light and welcoming premises, but that’s not all. In year 2015 company plans to expand the existing accounting service in terms of amount of clients, says CEO I. Markunaite: “It’s important to grow and develop continuously. In our new bright and spacious office Accounting Latvia saw an opportunity to hire more accountants, which in turn means not only reducing unemployment in Rezekne’s region, but also this creates the conditions for economic development and growth. With all our pride we are happy to declare that now in Rezekne city and county high-end accounting services with an individual approach and specific solutions for each entrepreneur are accessible and affordable. This year we have already embarked some new clients and will continue to do so, because now, after enlargement, we are confident that the material, technical, knowledge, experience and human resource base is perfectly equipped and Rezekne’s accounting service bureau is ready to successfully fulfill goal of 2015 – expansion.”

It is noteworthy that this is the company’s 10th year in business, but director of Accounting Latvia is not about to lean back on everything what is achieved. “I don’t like to think that age of the company as a point of reference, but the consciousness about work that has been done over these years is inspiring for future ideas and actions. 10 years of work have provided invaluable experience and knowledge, which is now the company’s most valuable asset. It is a true pleasure to watch employees’ to enjoy job that is well done and our clients’ appreciation for the work that’s been done.” – Ilona Markunaite says about daily observations.

Accounting Latvia wholeheartedly thanks its customers for the successful cooperation over the years and will be happy to serve all new clients that will become our partners in 2015.

See you all at bookkeeping and accounting office in Rezekne, 25 Darzu Street (3rd floor).

Rezekne’s office relocation

REZEKNES_OFISS_DARZU_25This Friday January 30 relocation of Rezekne’s office will be held.

On Friday January 30 Rezekne’s office will be closed.

Office on Darzu Street 25 will open its doors on Monday February 2nd. Our new office will be located on third floor (entrance on the right hand side of the building).

See you in our new office!

Business days during holiday season

kaza_2015Due to upcoming holiday season and a desire to extend the holidays, Accounting Latvia postponed one of business days in January. January 2nd is postponed to January 10th.

December 23rd – business day 8:00 to 16:00.
December 24th to 26th – Christmas holiday.
December 30th – business day 8:00 to 16:00.
December 31st and January 1st – New Year’s celebration holidays.
January 2nd – holiday
January 10th – business day 8:00 to 17:00

Accounting Latvia wish to all its existing and prospective customers and partners bright, snowy and heartwarming Christmas and productive year 2015!

Relocation of office in Riga City

On August 1st Accounting Latvia office in Riga city will be relocated. The new office will be located in the same building Krāslavas Street 14, but now on the third floor, room # 7.

To get into our new office on intercom press # 7 and the bell, and using the stairs or elevator reach the third floor.

Welcome you in our new premises!

The success story to encourage young people to start their own business

IM_InterviewOn October 1st in Rezekne creative service center “Zeimuļs” hosted event, which was dedicated to the Latgale’s region students to encourage them to start their own business.

As one of the speakers and successful business examples was invited Accounting Latvia director Ilona Markunaite to share her experience and inspire young people to start their own business. I. Markunaite led two workshops where students were explained and thought about CV compilation tricks that are important when applying for various programs, scholarships and job candidates in the contests to make everyone more competitive in order to reach their goal.

The event was attended by 125 students and teachers from 20 schools in the region of Latgale.

Latgale’s regional television set the story of the event, which you can see here: video (Latvian).