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Atsauksme no: TVG, SIA Martins Reimanis

There are accountants for whom accounting is just numbers in the columns of Excel spreadsheets, and there are accountants for whom numbers are passion. We are convinced that the cooperation with Accounting Latvia is applicable to the second.

The ability to go deep into the essence of business processes and find the most optimal solution for providing business processes, for us,TVG, SIA – is invaluable value. We have been cooperating with Accounting Latvia since 2017. During the cooperation, a huge amount of work has been done to optimize and improve the company’s financial flow, implement cash flow control mechanisms, as well as implement an automated sales process and accounting information import / export system. Thanks to the investment of Accounting Latvia, we have introduced pay-as-you-go service calculation in business processes for the sale of Microsoft Cloud services. In our opinion, Accounting Latvia is first in Latvia who have developed such a revenue calculation principle for the movement of goods / services and accounting for the distribution of IT services.

In cooperation with Accounting Latvia, help and advice is never denied, which also includes legal aspects of business.

All of these are just details. Passion is the key to the work of Accounting Latvia and you can feel it!

Chairman of the Board of TVG, SIA

Martins Reimanis