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Price for bookkeeping/accounting services is calculated based on the amount of original documents (invoices, bills, receipts, bank transactions, etc.). Price base is EUR 50 per month, which includes initial analysis of your economic activities, tax and legal consulting, creation of electronical data base, procssing of 10 documents and preparation of all related tax returns and reports to the SRS (State Revenue Service) using EDS (Electronic Declaration System).

Mentioned price above includes following services:
1. original documents (invoices, bills, receipts, bank statements) processing;
2. accounts receivable/payable;
3. preparation of work time sheets;
4. salary calculation;
5. fixed assets and depreciation record keeping;
6. preparation of payments using online banking;
7. online payments processing;
8. tax calculation;
9. preparation of tax returns and reporting to SRS;
10. tax return submission to SRS using EDS;
11. consultation in bookkeeping and tax accounting matters.

To determine the price of our services for your business, please use the price calculator. Once you are convinced about the advantages of our offer, please contact us to find out how to become our customer.

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