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Good to know – Taxpayer Rating – a guide to fair business

In your company’s Electronic Declaration System (EDS) profile, you can view your company’s taxpayer rating.
Indicators marked in green indicate that you have performed perfectly. Indicators highlighted in yellow require attention and improvement. Those highlighted in red are critical and need improvement.

A-level companies will receive benefits designed to make it as easy and quick as possible to work with the government. Here is a list and outline of the benefits: list.
A company’s rating is reviewed every three months, while it can start improving its rating now to achieve the highest possible performance in March and beyond, and hence its rating.
Rating description:
A Good performance. A-level company pays its taxes on time and in full and has no significant risk of delinquency. The company is a reliable taxpayer and can be a reliable business partner for the State.

B Enforcement of commitments must be improved. A B company is generally compliant with its obligations to the State, but there is room for improvement – more timely and accurate filing, declaration and payment of all taxes on time. A B company can be a business partner, but it is worth looking more closely at the terms of the partnership and whether the company has any significant tax debts.
C Breaches of obligations. A level C company has been excluded from the VAT register for irregularities or has been suspended from business activities by the SRS. The ability of such companies to meet their business obligations is critically assessed and, if suspended, transactions with the company are prohibited by law.
N Inactive taxpayer. A level N enterprise does not carry out any economic activity according to its self-declaration. If you start working with such a company, you should expect that it has not declared any transactions, had any employees or paid any salaries for at least 6 months.
J Newly registered taxpayer. Level J company established within the last 6 months. It has not yet had time to prove itself by deeds, but any new start-up made in good faith is welcome.

In the EDS system, you can get an official statement from the SRS about your rating in the statements section, which we have done and are attaching to this article. We are pleased to see that we meet the highest rating indicators!