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Bookkeeping/accounting services

Accounting Latvia is specializing in high-level accounting services in business sectors such as catering, transport services (freight and passenger transport), food and industrial goods manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, real estate management, pharmacy, timber trade, provision of different kind of services, etc.

We are providing full-cycle services for domestic and foreign companies, non-profit, non-governmental, national and local organizations and institutions as well as individuals.

Our customers are embassies, building managers, IT industry companies that provide their services not only in Latvia, but also abroad (USA, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, etc.), drug manufacturers, real estate developers and designers.

Accounting services include the following components:
• development of bookkeeping/accounting methodology and its implementation
• preparation of documents, verification according to legislation, processing and storage of documents
• accounting of assets for financial and tax purposes
• calculation of wages, sick pay, holiday pay
• travel documentation processing and calculation for business trips
• reimbursement preparation
• billing/invoicing service
• computerized stock keeping
• supervision of receivables and payables
• supervision of cash transactions
• preparation of payment orders
• payment processing using online banking
• preparation of all kinds of tax returns, submission to State Revenue Service
• control of fuel usage and writing-off
• report preparation for Statistical Bureau and other State and local authorities
• preparation of profit or loss statement and operational balance sheet
• preparation of annual report
• preparation of reports to management
• accounting for individuals, preparation of tax returns and reports

At your request, to the existing services the additional services can be added. We will be really happy to answer your questions, so do not hesitate to call or write to us at any time convenient for you.

Legal services

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Tildes Jumis

Since year 2005 we are accounting software Tildes Jumis certified distributor and training center in Riga City and Rezekne including Riga and Latgale regions. For eight years we have successfully worked in the accounting software Tildes Jumis sales, implementation and training.

Among us are highly skilled LLC “Tilde” certified professionals, who are ready to answer any questions, ready to help initiate, continue and improve your work with the accounting system Tilde Jumis.

The main services we offer:

  1. hardware analysis of the technical characteristics and compliance requirements of the system evaluation;
  2. Tildes Jumis sales;
  3. Tildes Jumis system installation;
  4. Tildes Jumis remote service;
  5. getting Started tutorials;
  6. tildes Jumis customization for your specific business needs;
  7. phone and electronic (e-mail) consultations about Tildes Jumis usage;
  8. any complexity and specificity of training (individual, 4 – 5 people) to use the system;
  9. theoretical and practical learning courses (beginners and professionals) for Tilde Jumis users.

For more information on Tilde Jumis purchase offer and our services relied to system Tildes Jumis please visit chapters “Sale”, “Implementation” and “Tuition”.

Accounting Latvia since year 2005 is a certified distributor of accounting computer system Tilde Jumis in Riga, Riga region, Rezekne and Latgale region.

To find out more about Tildes Jumis license types and prices visit Tildes Jumis software developer website here. If you have any questions regarding Tildes Jumis purchase, license types and their suitability for your business, please use any of the most convenient ways of communicating with us: by e-mail by calling us 67375133 or by filling out the question form on our website in Contacts section.

We invite you to join our Twitter followers, because there will tweeted information about special offers of Tilde Jumis and its components at a significant discounts. Similarly, information on purchasing licenses during time of special offers will be placed on our website under News section.

After accounting software Tilde Jumis purchase implementation phase is following. This phase is especially important for accountants.

Tilde Jumis options and possibilities for any user can significantly improve the daily work processes and optimize time consumption for various accounting functions. To achieve this result, we offer our services for Tilde Jumis implementation, which includes:
1. Tildes Jumis installation;
2. research of your accounting policy and system adaption to that;
3. chart of accounts adjustment to accounting policy;
4. implementation of various financial and stock keeping templates;
5. warehouse function/usage/report customization for your specific inventory;
6. financial (balance sheet, profit or loss statement etc.) and tax return specification creation and customization for automatic data gathering from system;
7. adaptation of the system to work with multiple currencies;
8. individual training/consultations for bookkeeping and accounting software Tildes Jumis launching.

At your request, a range of services can be supplemented by including the questions you need. Our aim is that after implementation through us, you will be able to use system fully with all its options without assistance.

If you have any questions regarding our implementation services and your benefits of using them, we urge you to contact us by e-mail to by calling the telephone number 67375133 or by asking your question using questionnaire form in Contacts section.

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Training course “Financial Accounting”

Training course includes following financial accounting sections:

1. Intangible assets (licenses, patents, trademarks) and all other fixed assets (real estate, cars, computers, furniture, etc.) acquisition, purchase documentation, fixed assets registration documentation, depreciation calculation, asset usage suspension, revaluation of fixed assets, inventory and writing off of fixed assets;

2. Inventory and stock – purchase, stock accounting methods (periodic and continuous evaluation of stock), stock inventory, sale of stock items and warehouse inventory for accounting and management needs;

3. Prepayment accounting – prepayment recognition and inclusion in costs;

4. Accounts Receivable (AR) – occurrence, record tracking, classification, registers, analysis and maintenance, doubtful accounts receivable deferred revenue recognition, AR inclusion in revenue of different periods;

5. Future (other) period expenses – recognition criteria, write-down of other period expenses, cost recognition methodology and documentation;

6. Cash (bank transactions, cash transactions, cash registers) accounting, registration procedures and legal requirements, analytical and chronological registers;

7. Accounting for capital – equity recognition, increasing and decreasing of share capital, Register of Enterprises decisions and its reflection in financial accounting, equity capital structure (uncovered losses, retained earnings, profit distribution), classification and reclassification;

8. Provisioning – mandatory and voluntary requirements for provisions, increasing and decreasing of provisions, provision impact on the financial indicators;

9. Leasing, loans, credit lines, loans from owners – breakdown of short and long-term liabilities, reclassification, early redemptions; interest payments, dividends – calculation and clasification in accounting;

10. Accounts payables (AP) – suppliers for goods/services, recognition of liabilities for financial reporting;

11. Payroll calculation;

12. Deterred income – recognition criteria, impact on financial statements;

13. Profit and loss (P&L) calculation, adjustments of P&L in accordance with statement users;

14. Balance sheet – calculation and analysis of balance sheet, allowable adjustments to improve financial indicator situation;

15. Liquidity and profitability – calculation of indicators, evaluation and analysis of indicators;

16. State Revenue Service inspection requirements for thematic inspections, inspection forms, inspection procedure.

Handouts of training course will include all necessary documents, forms and filling instructions for actual financial accounting maintaining in accordance with Latvia’s legislation.