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The success story to encourage young people to start their own business

IM_InterviewOn October 1st in Rezekne creative service center “Zeimuļs” hosted event, which was dedicated to the Latgale’s region students to encourage them to start their own business.

As one of the speakers and successful business examples was invited Accounting Latvia director Ilona Markunaite to share her experience and inspire young people to start their own business. I. Markunaite led two workshops where students were explained and thought about CV compilation tricks that are important when applying for various programs, scholarships and job candidates in the contests to make everyone more competitive in order to reach their goal.

The event was attended by 125 students and teachers from 20 schools in the region of Latgale.

Latgale’s regional television set the story of the event, which you can see here: video (Latvian).